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Original Surf Hotel Since 1987


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Hotel Puerto Viejo is more than just a place to spend the night.

The legacy of our history as one of the community's first gathering spaces (Dancehall Maity) lives through the events and activities we coordinate on behalf of our guests and neighbors. 


Weekly Activities

We offer a weekly schedule of daytime activities, including yoga, capoeira, arts and crafts, cooking workshops, drum circles, book clubs, etc. In the evening we have a rotating lineup of live music, occasional theme parties, and the monthly Feria de la Papaya Illuminada (Illuminated Papaya Fair).


Special Events

We love collaborating with others to make amazing things happen.

That's why every now and then we host special events and projects with friends and partners from near and far. From fine art festivals to cycling competitions, ballroom dance retreats and workshops for local youth, there's always something interesting happening at Hotel Puerto Viejo.


Have an idea you want to make happen at Hotel Puerto Viejo? 


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See some of our past and upcoming special events


Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy

Hotel Puerto Viejo was proud to host the presentation of results from the week-long workshop "Nuestro Puerto Viejo Ayer y Hoy," during which local youth were joined by students from the University of Costa Rica to learn how to make a short film. The students interviewed various neighbors of Puerto Viejo and shared their 9-minute documentary with an excited audience of locals and tourists. 

The project was coordinated by the Rich Coast Project, a local non-profit dedicated to preserving the history, identity and culture of the people of the south Caribbean of Costa Rica.